Occasion! Mission Statement

Whether here in the States, or during our Study Abroad trips, Occasion! LLC, offers exceptional learning opportunities with the world’s top florists. All floral design enthusiasts, wherever they are in their floral journey, will benefit greatly by enrolling in the workshops or trips Occasion! LLC, offers annually.

For Florists abroad, life long learning of the techniques associated with the new floral trends is a must. By bringing only the top florists of the world here for workshops and lecture demonstrations, Occasion! LLC, offers all floral designers the opportunity to keep up on the latest trends, techniques, and philosophies which are not often found in the U.S.A. Included in the tuition, are the finest of flowers and materials, delectable catered lunches, distinctive coffee & teas & nibbles.

Attendees will discover a warm, welcoming and relaxed atmosphere in these workshops, and all of us at Occasion! LLC, will help you to move beyond your current floral design abilities, to an exciting new level of expertise!

Our Study Abroad trips have the added benefit of experiencing different cultures combined with fascinating side trips, private tours and fabulous learning opportunities with world-renowned florists right in their studios.

Commitment to the community has been a tradition of Occasion! LLC. From its inception, Occasion! LLC, always donates a percentage of its lecture demonstration proceeds to worthy non-profits, exemplifying the belief, ”A rising tide floats all boats”. Together everyone benefits, the attendees to Occasion! LLC events, The Occasion! LLC team, the community, by the donations from Occasion! LLC, and of course Occasion! itself.