Annette Kunz


Occasion! founder and CEO, Annette Kunz is first and foremost a floral designer whose work has been published in books, magazines, newspapers and shown on TV.  Both the Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco (Bouquets to Art) and the Monterey Museum of Art (Art in Bloom) have used pictures of Annette’s work for all their promotional materials for their floral shows.  Ever the student, she frequently travels abroad to participate in floral seminars and events. 

Through Occasion! Annette is thrilled to offer floral seminars and lecture-demonstrations, given by the world’s top floral talent. She has found her seminar experience abroad invaluable, and wishes to provide fellow floral designers with unique opportunities to study here in the States, with the top international Florists of the world. These fabulous opportunities for learning, allow floral designers to learn the latest international techniques, which are not commonly found here in the States.

Offerings from Annette!

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Annette coordinates floral lecture demonstrations and workshops for any organization wishing to bring a top international floral talent here for an event planned by their club or organization. She offers a full package including the florist, all materials and the finest flowers, or the event can be customized to meet the exact needs of the event hosts.

 Lecture Demonstrations

Annette provides entertaining and informative lecture demonstrations using all the techniques she has learned abroad, as well as here in the states. She shows the audience how to incorporate these techniques into their own floral designs, resulting in the enhancement of their personal floral style and knowledge of floral techniques.


Annette offers 1 & 2 day workshops, focusing on the subject matter of her client’s wishes. Her workshops are perfect for clubs, luncheons and special occasions, where a fun hands-on experience is desired. All materials and only the finest of flowers are provided in all of Annette’s workshops. These workshops can also include catering and venue if you so desire.